50 States, 50 Colleges

There are SO many great colleges in the U.S.  We are spoiled in New England with so many amazing selections at our doorstep!  But what about all the other schools out there?

In order to bring your attention to some colleges you might not have otherwise considered, we are going to write a regular feature called “50 States, 50 Colleges.”  Our plan is to spotlight at least one college from each of the 50 states (we will include Washington, D.C. as well!).  Our first stop is Maine!

Bates College chapel

Bates College chapel

College in the Spotlight:  Bates College

Location:  Lewiston, Maine – only about 2 hours from Lowell Catholic!

Size: 1,753 students (all undergraduates)

Fast Facts

Bates has always been a school on the forefront of social and educational change.  Started by abolitionists in 1855, it was New England’s first co-educational college.  Fast-forward almost 130 years, it was one of the first schools to go SAT optional.

Bates has a 4-4-1 academic calendar, meaning that the year is broken into three parts:  a fall and a winter semester, followed by a month-long “Short Term.”  The Short Term program  provides students with educational opportunities that can’t happen in the classroom.  Not all are off-campus, but many take students on trips to a foreign country.  Some recent Short-Term projects that Bates lists on their website: marine studies on the coast of Maine; anthropological investigations in Bali, Greece, and Jamaica; and landscape painting in Italy.

There are over 100 clubs and organizations on campus.  Bates has everything from the more traditional groups (Ski Team, Yearbook, Student Government) to the very unique.  Competitive Eating Club, anyone?!

Bates is a NCAA Division III school with 31 varsity teams.

Want to learn more?  Visit http://www.bates.edu

(All information taken from Bates College website.  Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


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