Explore Results and Career Research

This week the guidance department returned the results of the Explore test taken in October to the freshmen.  We went into each freshmen seminar where we explained how to read the results and gave a presentation on doing career research on Naviance.

With the results, each student received a booklet that explains how to read the results.  They also received their actual test booklets.  The results indicate which answers they got wrong so they are able to go back, read the question, and understand why it was wrong.  If there are any questions about the results, please do not hesitate to ask us!

A feature of the Explore test is the career interest inventory.  Based on the answers of the inventory, career clusters with examples of occupations were provided.  We love this because it is a great way for the students to start thinking about colleges and careers.  We always say that it is never too early!

What are the students supposed to do now that they received these career clusters?  Well, we don’t want the students to just see the career results.  We want them to learn more.  This is where Naviance comes in.  On Naviance, we now have a great new feature called Careers.

I want to provide a brief overview of all the wonderful resources that can be found on Careers.

Naviance Careers main page

By clicking on Explore Careers and Clusters, you are brought to a page that allows you to either search for a career or choose a cluster.

explore careers and clusters

This gives you a great overview of the career as well as salary, related majors, expected courses to take, etc.  Also, when you go to related majors and choose a specific one, it brings you to a page that lists all of the colleges with that major.  And colleges can be narrowed down even further by using the Colleges feature.

college look upAnother great feature on the Careers section is Roadtrip Nation.

raodtrip nation

By clicking on Start Here and then Find Your Road, simply answer three questions.  The answers will provide you with a variety of videos.  These videos are interviews with professionals in fields related to the answers of the three questions.

roadtrip nation interviewsThis is a great feature because you can hear directly from the individuals how they chose the career, what it is like, etc.

Still not sure what you want to study or the results from the Explore test don’t seem too accurate?  Naviance can help with that as well!  On the main page of the Careers tab, the Cluster Finder and Career Interest Profiler.

cluster finderBoth of these are interest inventories that can help narrow down a field to either specific careers or career clusters.

In addition the brief presentation we gave on Careers, each student received a handout of additional resources.  These links can also be found on the main page of Family Connection.

I hope you will find all of this information helpful!  Like I said, our goal is to get freshmen to start thinking about potential majors and careers.  And this is available to ALL grades, not just grade 9.  If students have no idea and still don’t as a senior, that’s OK!  This will hopefully lead them on the right path!


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