50 States, 50 Colleges: New Jersey

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Today we stop in New Jersey for our 50 States, 50 Colleges feature!

S.W. Bowne Hall

S.W. Bowne Hall

College in the Spotlight:  Drew University

Location:  Madison, NJ (40 minutes from NYC, and about a 4 hour drive from Lowell Catholic)

Size:  2,369 students (1,532 undergrads)

Fast Facts:

At Drew, you’ll only be 30 miles from New York City (and a 10 minute walk from the train that will take you there), but you’ll be going to college in a forest.  Drew’s campus, nicknamed “The Forest,” is a 186-acre wooded preserve with glacial ponds, wildlife, and many different plant species.  It’s a living laboratory for science students and a peaceful retreat for all!

Undecided about your major?  Want to explore your options?  As a liberal arts school, Drew University appreciates that.  According to their website, the school thinks your desire to test different majors “shows a healthy curiosity about the world and your place in it.”

One of the many advantages to Drew’s proximity to New York City is its “Experience Semester” program.  The Semester on Contemporary Art may take you from a cozy artist’s studio in Brooklyn to a seminar in front of a Van Gogh painting at The Museum of Modern Art.  Rub elbows with world leaders during your United Nations Semester.  Interested in business and finance?  The Wall Street Semester will likely help you find an internship – which may turn into a job!

The Princeton Review consistently ranks Drew’s theatre program first or second in the nation.  The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey calls the campus home and provides internship opportunities to students.

Small class sizes mean that you’ll get to know your professors well, and you’ll be able to interact with them outside the classroom in fun ways.  The Anthropology department is famous for its end-of-semester feasts, the Computer Science department celebrates the end of fall with a cookie decorating party, and Psychology professors ask their students to judge their annual brownie bake-off.

The Drew Rangers have 11 NCAA Division III teams.  The men’s tennis team has won 12 straight conference championships!

Want to learn more?  Visit www.drew.edu

All information is taken from Drew University’s website.  Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


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