Major Monday: Marine Biology

Throughout the years, we’ve heard many students say that they want to study Marine Biology in college.  It sounds fun, doesn’t it?  For those who have a passion for science, the ocean, and the organisms that live in it, it is!  But, if you are thinking about a Marine Biology major because you want to train dolphins or spend time at the  beach, you may want to look elsewhere.

General Description:  Basically, Marine Biology is the study of ocean life.   That includes everything from microscopic single-celled organisms, all the way to the blue whale, the largest animal on earth.  You’ll learn about the habitats these plants and animals call their home.

Degree:  Degrees exist at the Associates, Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral levels

Colleges offering Marine Biology degrees:  Roger Williams University (Bristol, RI), University of New England (Biddeford, ME), College of the Atlantic (Bar Harbor, ME), University of New Haven (West Haven, CT), University of Tampa (Tampa, FL), College of Charleston (Charleston, SC)

Salary and Job Projections:  According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook on the Department of Labor’s website, a marine biologist with a Bachelor’s degree can expect to make about $35,000 year, on average.  Jobs are projected to grow, but slower than other occupations.  Marine Biologists are employed at various different organizations, including universities, aquariums, and research laboratories.

Check out Milena Acosta’s Roadtrip Nation interview on your Naviance account!  Milena is an Education Outreach Supervisor at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific in Costa Mesa, CA.  She majored in Marine Biology in college.

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