50 States, 50 Colleges: Georgia

Today on our college tour we head to Georgia!

College in the Spotlight:  University of Georgia

Location:  Athens, GA (about 60 miles northeast of Atlanta)

Size:  34,538 students (26,278 undergrads)

Fast Facts:

The University of Georgia is comprised of 18 schools and colleges, and offers over 140 degree programs.  Here are some of the majors that caught our eye:  Avian Biology, Dairy Science, Fabric Design, Magazine Journalism, Music Therapy, Real Estate, and Scientific Illustration.

“The Arch,” pictured above, is an iron gateway at the entrance of the campus.  Most students walk underneath the Arch for the first time with a UGA diploma in hand; rumor has it if you pass through before then, you won’t graduate on time.  For over 150 years it has been the scene of gatherings and demonstrations.  The Arch witnessed the desegregation of UGA, protests over the Persian Gulf War and Kent State shootings, and a candle-lit vigil following the events of September 11th.

UGA’s 759 acre campus boasts its own golf course, botanical garden, museum, hotel and conference center, and a 92,746-seat football stadium.

The Georgia Bulldogs have one of the best known live mascots in the country – Uga!  Uga IX is the current mascot, representing 19 Division I Athletic teams.  UGA students love their Bulldogs and pack the stadium to support their school.  Major rivals include the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Florida Gators, and Auburn Tigers.  Tradition dictates that fans rush to the Chapel Bell to ring in a victory.

You will not be bored at University of Georgia!  The campus is home to over 600 registered clubs and activities.  You name it, there’s an organization for it.  And if there’s not, the Center for Student Organizations will help you set one up!

For more information, head to http://www.uga.edu

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