Major Monday: Sports Management

Do you like sports?  Are in you interested in finance and management?  Are you a strong leader?  If yes, then a career in Sports Management may be for you!

General Description: Sports Management is marketing and business in the world of sports.  There are numerous options in the field depending on the specialty you choose.  A person in this field may work directly with athletes or sports teams.  This includes being a coach, scout, or agent.  One may also work behind the scenes on marketing and promotions of groups or teams and arenas.  Event planning, community or school programs, and health management are additional areas a sports manager may work in.

Education Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in sports management is required but an MBA or Master of Sports Management may be preferred.  Sports Management may also be a concentration within a Business program, such as Merrimack College.  Program courses focus on business, marketing, event planning, communications, and finance.  Click here for a sample curriculum!

Area colleges with a Sports Management program include Merrimack College (North Andover, MA), Mount Ida College (Newton, MA),  New England College (Henniker, NH), Nichols College (Dudley, MA), Northeastern University (Boston, MA), and Salem State University (Salem, MA).

Salary and Job Projections: In 2012-2013, the average salary for a sports manager was $64,790.  This number could vary depending on amount of specialization, experience, and location.  Sports management is a competitive field yet it is growing faster than average.

Check out an interview with Wade Martin on Roadtrip Nation!  He has a Master’s Degree in Sports Management and is the president of the Dew Action Sports Tour!


The Princeton Review

Sports Management Degree Hub



One thought on “Major Monday: Sports Management

  1. Graduating from this kind of program gives you great career and limitless opportunities.
    This includes sports science, athlete management, sports earnings management, sports medicine and quite a few more.
    Modern day scouts are becoming more and more just a few
    computer programs to assist and assist in the evaluation of talent
    being scouted.

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