Major Monday: Engineering

We have had so many students coming to us over the past few years with questions about Engineering majors.  Obviously, it’s a great choice for one of our Major Monday articles.  Why have we put it off this long?

I was an English major in college.  Mrs. Ducharme studied Psychology.  Ms. Sinclair has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.  We all went on to earn our master’s in School Counseling.  My point?  The field of Engineering isn’t exactly second-nature to any of us.  Yet there is an enormous amount of information at our (and your!) fingertips.  When it comes to majors, guidance counselors don’t have any secret resources.  We use the same websites that we recommend to you!  If you notice, most of our Major Monday posts reference information from College Board, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and Naviance.  Using these tools, I’m going to take a stab at describing an Engineering major.

General Description:  Engineering is an enormous field.  Students may choose to specialize in Civil, Mechanical, Biomedical, or Electrical Engineering (to name a few).  Plenty of colleges offer a degree in General Engineering, which aims to give students a taste of the many different areas in the field.  Engineers use math and science to solve problems, create products, and develop technology.  Prospective majors should be prepared to take challenging math and science courses and work in teams.

Degree:  Degrees exist at the associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral levels.

Colleges offering Engineering (General) degrees:  Clarkson University (Potsdam, NY), Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA), Hope College (Holland, MI), James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA), Roger Williams University (Bristol, RI), Wentworth Institute of Technology (Boston, MA)

Salary and Job Projections:  According to the Department of Labor’s website, engineering jobs are projected to grow in the future.  Salaries vary depending on the type of engineering field a person chooses and their education level.

There are 21 profiles of Engineers on Roadtrip Nation.  Check them out on your Naviance account!

For more information, check out


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