50 States, 50 Colleges: Mississippi

College in the Spotlight: The University of Mississippi a.k.a. Ole Miss

Location: Oxford, MS – Known to have one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States!

Size: 16,060 undergraduate students

Tuition: $9,984 for out-of-state – affordable!

Lyceum-The University's first building

Lyceum – The University’s first building

Fast Facts:

  • The University of Mississippi has something for everyone!  There are over 30 programs offered in the College of Liberal Arts.  The University of Mississippi also has schools in law, pharmacy, journalism and news media, education, business administration, applied sciences, and several more.  The accounting program is ranked in the top 10 in the United States.
  • The University of Mississippi is well-known for its unique research centers; it is known as one of the world’s greatest.  Some examples are National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology, Child Advocacy and Play Therapy Institute, and National Food Service Institute.  Click here to see the complete list.
  • With over 250 organizations, you will always have something to do and will have no problem making new connections!  Do you like Scrabble?  How about fashion?  Are you a vegetarian?  Well, there’s a club for you!
  • Volunteer services center for those that want to continue doing community service
  • If you are familiar with the movie The Blind Side, then you know that Michael Oher, the person the movie was based on, went to this school.
  • It is a NCAA Division I school with Fourteen teams – Go Rebels!  You also have the option of joining one of the numerous sport clubs or intramural sports teams.


For more information, visit the University of Mississippi website!

Sources: University of Mississippi, wikicommons (picture) and wikipedia (picture)


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