50 States, 50 Colleges: Arkansas

How many of you have considered going to college in Arkansas?  In my entire career as a school counselor, I don’t think I’ve ever had a student apply to a school in Arkansas.  Over the past week I’ve learned quite a bit about schools in “The Natural State” and am seeing lots of interesting things to share with you.  Today we’ll be checking out the University of Arkansas!

College in the Spotlight:  University of Arkansas

Old Main, University of Arkansas by Don J Schulte, on Flickr

Location:  Fayetteville, AR

Size:  25,321 students

Fast Facts:

The longest-running tradition at the University of Arkansas is the “Senior Walk.”  A sidewalk runs throughout campus with the engraved names of graduates dating back to 1876.  Graduate from U of A and become part of this tradition!

Senior Walk, University of Arkansas by Don J Schulte, on Flickr

Senior Walk – Class of 1945

U of A boats the very first “Walmart on Campus.”  The Walton family has been a major donor for the University.  Since it’s opening in 2011, two other campus Walmarts have opened:  one at University of Arizona and the other at Georgia Tech.

Carnall Hall was originally a women’s dormitory.  Now it’s the Inn at Carnall Hall, one of the top 50 hotels in the South, according to Conde Nast Traveller magazine.  Ella’s Restaurant is located within the Inn and has been voted the area’s “Best Brunch.”  Hospitality and Restaurant Management majors take classes there, and are able to learn at a running hotel.

College sports fans know the Razorbacks are often top competitors.  Like the University of Georgia, U of A has a live mascot named “Tusk.”  Razorbacks are native to Arkansas and can be dangerous, so Tusk is actually a Russian Boar (they resemble Razorbacks).  U of A fans do a Hog Call to cheer their team on!

There’s plenty to do at a large school like the University of Arkansas.  Go to a concert, see a speaker (Condoleezaa Rice is coming in March), or – if you are extra excited about the Olympics, participate in U of A’s very own version for students, the “Olympigs!”

All information taken from www.uark.edu.  To learn more, visit the link!


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