50 States, 50 Colleges: Connecticut

Last week we profiled a Massachusetts school, and this week we’re still sticking close to home.  Let’s check out one of the colleges that Connecticut has to offer…

College in the Spotlight:  University of New Haven

Bayer Hall by welcometocollege, on Flickr
Location:  West Haven, CT (about a 2 hour and 15 minute drive from Lowell Catholic)

Size:  4,300 undergrads

Fast Facts:

The University of New Haven is home to the distinguished Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science.  Dr. Lee has been a member of the school’s faculty since the 1970s and is considered a “Father of Forensic Science.”  He has worked on many famous cases and investigations, including those of O.J. Simpson, Jon-Benet Ramsey, and Scott Peterson.  The Institute houses crime scene labs; as a student, you’ll participate in crime scene investigations.  Professors stage crime scenes – you’ll be the one putting clues together to solve the mystery.

The New Haven Chargers have had quite a bit of success in the Northeast-10 NCAA Division II Athletic Conference.  The women’s volleyball team is consistently ranked one of the best teams in the region and  has reached the NCAA championship an incredible 26 times.  NFL Coach Tony Sparano is a UNH alum and coached the football team for five seasons before going to the pros.

Do you love the idea of studying abroad but don’t think you can commit to an entire semester away from home?  Short-term experience programs are available during summer and winter breaks.  The following programs are available this summer:  Food and History in Paris, Tropical Marine Ecology in the Bahamas, and Art and Architecture in Prato, Italy.  The Henry C. Lee College also offers summer programs for Criminal Justice and Forensic Science students.  Trips to Australia, Poland, China, Russia, and Italy are planned for this summer.

University of New Haven overlooks the Long Island Sound, and the Marine Biology and Environmental Science departments take advantage of that location.  The college owns a 5-acre salt marsh property along the Sound, and has a strong relationship with the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center.  Students frequently do research at both locations.

For more information, visit http://www.newhaven.edu

All information taken from University of New Haven website



50 States, 50 Colleges: Massachusetts

College in the Spotlight: Wheelock College

Location: Boston, Massachusetts – It is within walking distance of Fenway Park, Newbury Street, Museum of Fine Arts, and The Freedom Trail.

Size: 871 undergraduate students


Fast Facts:

  • If you prefer a smaller setting, this may be the school for you.  There is a teacher to student ratio of 11:1 with an average of 16 students in each class.
  • The focus of Wheelock College is to “make the world a better place – especially for children and families.”
  • The school’s academic program is based on liberal arts and sciences and prepares you for a career in areas such as education, social work, or counseling.
  • With Field Experience, students are exposed to on-site experience in the first year.
  • Dining Services offers a Favorites From Home service.  This service allows students to submit a favorite family recipe which allows the chefs to provide more choices that fit the student body.
  • What is there to do?  How about everything!  Located in Boston, the possibilities are endless.  You can catch a ball game, do some sightseeing, or go see a play!
wheelock two

Peabody Hall

  • Wheelock College is part of the Colleges of the Fenway.  In addition to Wheelock, the consortium includes Emmanuel College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Simmons College, and Wentworth Institute of Technology.  With this collaboration, students have the opportunity to cross-register for courses.  Also, there are a number of activities that students can participate in among the different colleges.

For more information on Wheelock College, click here!

How A College Application Is Read

When applying to colleges, a question that many students may ask themselves is, “What is a college looking for when they go through  my application packet?”  In guidance, we frequently hear things like, “How important are my SAT scores?”, “Do you think my essay is good enough?”, or “I am not sure if I have enough extra-curricular activities.”  These are all valid concerns when it comes to wanting to get the best education for the next four years.

I recently came across a great podcast on Naviance where the Direct of Admission at Stanford University gives a general overview on how an admission counselor reads an application.  This podcast packs a ton of information in about 7 minutes.  Please do not hesitate to listen!

Click here for the podcast!