Major Monday: Journalism

Featured Major: Journalism

General Description:  Journalism is the perfect field for someone who enjoys writing and editing, doing research, and is interested on current news and events.  It is a major that allows you to concentrate on different areas that interest you.  There is print journalism, broadcast journalism, online journalism, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Education Requirements:  There are different avenues you can take when studying Journalism.  There are bachelor’s degree programs in Journalism.  Also, Journalism may be under the umbrella of Communications for some schools.  Most employers look for at least a bachelor’s degree in Journalism or Communications.  Internship or work experience in the field is a key factor to have.  Having experience is huge for this career so it is important to take advantage of any opportunities that provide exposure to the field!

Courses You Can Expect To Take: Mass Media, Introduction to Digital Journalism, Writing and Reporting, News Writing, and Copy Editing, to name a few.

Area Colleges with Journalism Programs: UMASS Amherst, Roger Williams University, University of New Hampshire, Regis College (Major in Communication with a concentration in Journalism and Media), Boston University, University of Connecticut, and New England School of Communications.

Salary: The average salary in 2012 was $37,090.  The salary could vary based on the concentration within the field.

On RoadTrip Nation in Naviance, there are 23 interviews with individuals who have a career in journalism, including the senior editor of Rolling Stone Magazine!  Check them out!



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