What Not To Do On A College Tour

Touring a college is a big deal.  How can one possibly decide on a place to live for four years if he or she has never stepped foot on campus?  For juniors, April vacation (which is just around the corner!)  is a great time to begin college visits.  Also, seniors may go on a visit or two since there is less than one month for them to make a final decision.  So while on a campus, a student wants to get the most out of the experience.  And there is always talk about what a student should do on a college tour.  But you don’t hear much about what you should not do.  I came across a great article from hercampus.com explaining that you should not…

1. Let your parents take charge – The school you choose is your decision so you want to be the one taking in all of the information and asking the questions.

2. Interrupt the tour guide – Of course there will be questions but be patient.  They may be answered throughout the tour.  And be mindful of the limited time the guide has to give the tour.

3. Dress inappropriately – You want to dress in clothes that are comfortable to walk in outdoors.  You don’t know what the conditions are going to be like.  Also, it is important to make a good first impression.

4. Get distracted – This one is simple.  Shut off your cell phone and put it away!

5. Invade the tour guide’s privacy – What is great about having a current student as your tour guide is you can hear about his or her own college experiences.  However, asking personal questions about GPA, test scores, and more personal things is not appropriate.

6. Be shy – You are in a group of students who are going through the same thing you are.  Take advantage of this time to strike up a conversation with them!

7. Argue with the tour guide – The tour guide knows what he or she is talking about.  Don’t argue with them on the facts that are being provided.

8. Talk the school down – While on tour, don;t say anything negative.  You may not be sure about it as you begin the tour or may realize it isn’t a good fit, but it is not the time or place to be making negative comments.

9. Walk out in the middle of it – If for some reason you need to leave the tour, let the guide know ahead of time or pull him or her aside and let them know.  You don’t want the guide to get the impression that you are not interested if you really are.

To read the complete article (written by Megan Shuffleton), click here!


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