50 Colleges, 50 States: Florida

Florida colleges and universities have been popular with the Class of 2014!  Nine schools in the Sunshine State received applications from Lowell Catholic seniors this year.  The college I’m writing about today escaped our seniors’ notice this year, but I don’t think we’ll be able to say that about future classes.  Crusaders, it’s time you discovered Rollins College!

College in the Spotlight:  Rollins College

Rollins College by proforged, on Flickr


Location:  Winter Park, FL (about 8 miles from Orlando)

Enrollment:  2,366 undergraduates

Fast Facts:

Rollins offers over 60 academic programs, including some that are a bit harder to find.  Organizational Behavior and Latin American and Caribbean Studies are some of their more unique majors.  Minoring in Australian Studies will take you to the land down under as a student at the University of Sydney.

Rollins College often appears on “Most Beautiful Campus” lists.  Situated on the shores of Lake Virginia, Rollins students enjoy a lake-side beach and walking trails.  Beautiful weather, Spanish architecture, courtyards, and palm trees only adds to the charm.

Today is FOX DAY!  Fox Day is a much loved tradition at Rollins College and has popped up all over the place in my research the past few days.  Each spring, on a day the college president deems too nice to go to class, a fox statue is brought out to a central plaza, signaling that all classes for the day are canceled.  Fun activities are planned throughout the day, and students are treated to a free pancake breakfast and campus-wide picnic for dinner.  If you log onto Rollins’s website today, you’ll see how enthusiastic the school is about this tradition:  http://www.rollins.edu.  If you miss it – you can “make it rain foxes”!

Become a part of TARnation!  The “Tars” (a nickname for a sailor, a nod to the fact that a Naval vessel was stationed on Lake Virginia during World War I) participate in Division II athletics.  Club sports include quidditch, triathlon, yoga, and wakeboarding!

Rollins most famous alum?  Mr. Rogers!  Fred Rogers graduated from Rollins in 1951 with a degree in music composition.

For more information, visit http://www.rollins.edu


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