Major Monday: History

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about psychology because I have my bachelors degree in it.  If I did not major in it, I probably would have majored in history.  It is something that has always interested me.  I also wanted to write about it because I often hear from students who are interested in majoring in it say, “Well what can I do with a degree in history other than teach?”  This question prevents them from following through with the major.  For this post, I want to share a brief description on the major but focus on the various careers one can go into.

Brief description: Students who major in history will study and research documents and artifacts.  In addition to books and documents, music, pictures, and posters are just a few of the numerous sources that may be studied.  Also, students look at historical events in the context in which they occur as well as chronological dates.  With this studying and research, students try to understand human experience and how it has evolved over time.

So with all of this studying and research, now what?!  Yes, becoming a history teacher is a wonderful career choice.  However, there are several other options.  An individual can become a researcher.  Research is needed for museums and historical organizations and cultural resources management and historic preservation.  Communications is another area for historians to get into.  Journalism and writing and editing are needed for various media outlets.  If organization is a strong area for someone, Information Manager may be an appropriate field.  Archivist, records manager or librarian are all different options under the umbrella of information manager.  Interested in law?  A history background provides a great foundation to get into advocating.  Finally, business and associations need historians to evaluate records.  Non-profit organizations would need the assistance of a historian to assist with certain programs.  If I went into history, I think I would have been a researcher or information manager!  Click here for more details on each career.

Depending on which area you want to go in, it is important to look at a school’s course offerings to have a strong background.  It is also necessary to see if some areas require an advanced degree.

Schools that offer a major in history: UMASS Lowell, Anna Maria College, Endicott College, University of Connecticut, and Salve Regina University are just a few of the 104 colleges that offer this major in New England!

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  1. Thanks Cassie! History is a great major 🙂

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    On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 11:27 AM, Lowell Catholic High School Guidance

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