Prepare for a successful career by gaining internship experience

This past winter, the guidance department held the First Annual Lunch with Alumni event. Completing internships while in college was emphasized by a few of the returning graduates. This blog post is a great description of the benefits of doing an internship!

Education Empowers

Kate T  Headshot 2Our guest blogger this week is Kate Tindall. Kate is a student at Iowa State University where she is working to earn degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication and Political Science, with a minor in Economics. She currently serves as a production intern for the City of Ames, Channel 12. This past year, Kate also served as an intern for the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics. 

Warning: The following statement will look repetitive … An internship prepares you for a job, helps you gain business connections and looks great on a résumé.

Yes, those are valid reasons for finding and accepting an internship. Of course, if you’re accepting an internship SOLELY because it beefs up your résumé, you might question how much you will get out of that experience. But those reasons are both overused and a bit misleading.

I wanted an internship because I wanted my…

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