Science Essay Competition!

The Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science is holding an international science essay contest (ISEC) for high school students.

  • Prompt:

In 2000, Stephen Hawking said, “I think the next century will be the century of complexity.” Scientific discovery has propelled mankind forward through history, and the 21st century stands to host some of the greatest innovations to date. Choose a novel discovery in any field of science, explain its significance today, and discuss possible implications of the discovery for its field and society in general. Topic suggestions include, but are not limited to: Higgs boson, artificial genomes, applications of graphene, and quantum computing. Note that judges look favorably on unique topics.

    • No literary form other than an essay will be accepted.
    • Each essay must reflect the contestant’s own writing and original thinking.
    • No graphs, images, or illustrations should be included in the essay.
  • Deadline:  October 8, 2014
  • Prize:  $500 and your essay published in the print issue of DUJS

For more information and details on how to apply, visit:


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