Major Monday – Marketing and Entrepreneurship

This week’s Major Monday features Mrs. Roma, the Operations Specialist for Lowell Catholic.

1. What did you major in in college?  Where did you go to college?

I double majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Babson College.


2. Is this your original major?  If not, what was your original major?  Why did you change?

Yes.  All students at Babson receive the same degree but concentrate in certain areas (Marketing and Entrepreneurship).  I did  not change.

3. What made you choose this major?

I hope to start my own business someday so I felt that a variety of different business classes would make this possible. My original dream was to  open my own summer camp.  My husband and I would  like to start our own business when my children are grown.

4. What classes/topics did you enjoy studying the most while in college?

I loved my freshmen class called: freshmen Management Experience.  In this class of 60, we received a loan from the school and ran our own business.  My class created a dry cleaning service for the student population.  I was in the Human Resources Department and learned how challenging it is to please others and motivate employees.  Another class, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, had us create our own 50 page business plan with 4 other students.  The group work in college helped me polish my people skills.

5. What advice do you have for students looking to study your major?

My advice is for business students and those students who do not really know what major they are looking to pursue.  I feel strongly that a business degree would always be of value.  In every industry –  healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality, etc., business skills can be utilized.

Thank you for sharing Mrs. Roma!


50 States, 50 Colleges – Vermont

Fall is in full swing here in New England!  What a beautiful time to explore the University of Vermont for our Vermont college!  Seriously – I’ve been following their Instagram the past few days.  Check it out for some amazingly beautiful pictures of the campus and of Burlington.

College in the Spotlight:  University of Vermont

Old Mill by Lens‌cap, on Flickr

Location:  Burlington, VT (a 3 hour drive from Lowell)

Enrollment:  9,970 undergrads, 1,317 graduate students

Fast Facts

The University of Vermont was established in 1791, making it the 5th oldest college in New England after Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown.

Travel & Leisure Magazine ranked Burlington as the #1 college town in the US.  The town boasts a 12 mile bike path around beautiful Lake Champlain, more than 100 restaurants, 14 public parks, 45 art galleries, and 3 sand beaches within walking distance of campus.

UVM offers 100 bachelor degree programs.  Here are some unique programs that stuck out to me:  Coaching, Management and the Environment, Medical Radiation Sciences, Plant Biology, Vermont Studies, and Wildlife and Fisheries Biology.  From Accounting to Zoology, they have it all!

Everyone loves getting mail.  UVM students can make their mom’s (or dad’s, grandparent’s, friend’s, etc.) day by sending her a postcard – for free.  The UVM Love Project is all about sharing our love and gratitude publically.  You can pick up a post card from the student life office and either mail it or turn it back into the office so it can be posted on their Tumblr account for all to see!

All 18 Varsity sports at the University of Vermont are offered at the NCAA Division 1 level.  The Catamounts have a long tradition of academic excellence, winning the America East Academic Cup seven times in the past 9 years.  This award is presented to a college whose student-athletes earn the highest grade point averages.

For more information on the University of Vermont, visit


Major Monday – Foreign Languages and Literature

Happy Monday, everyone!  For this week’s Major Monday, we checked in with the wonderful Ms. Gill, another member of our World Languages department.  Ms. Gill teaches upper level Spanish classes and Public Speaking at LC.

1) What was your college major and where did you go to college?

I studied Foreign Languages and Literature (Spanish) at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. I later got my Master of Arts in Teaching from there as well.

2) Was that your original major?  If not, what was your original major and why did you decide to switch?


I applied to college as a prospective Environmental Science major.  I had this image in my mind of me traveling the world while doing environmental work, but then I realized that I just want to travel! I had always liked science during high school, but I realized my heart wasn’t in it. When I accepted the fact that science was not for me, I decided to pursue one of my other interests in high school–Spanish.  Around the same time I also decided to pursue teaching.

3)  What made you choose your major?


I always loved Spanish and languages in general.  I had gone on a trip to Costa Rica in high school and from then on I got the “travel bug”.  Something about the language and culture drew me in.  A degree in a foreign language entails so many things: linguistics, literature, and culture. I liked learning about grammar, but I also loved reading about history and culture, and I got to do all of that with my major.

4)  What were your favorite college classes?


When I was a senior, I took an independent study with one of my professors and did a research project combining linguistic theory and its practical applications in education and teaching.  It was fun to tie in all the coursework in linguistics I had taken in Spain with ideas from my education courses.  Doing an independent study is not easy.  You have to manage your time well in order to not fall behind and become overwhelmed.  Much of your work is self-directed.  There is no teacher assigning you homework or tests… YOU are the one in charge and YOU are ultimately responsible for your own learning and end-product.

5)  What advice would you give to students looking to study your major?


Study abroad!!!!! You can’t learn a language and culture in a classroom.  If you can, go for a full year.  You can greatly improve your Spanish in one semester, but you can really master it in a year.  Spain is a great country, and that is where I happened to study abroad, but there are so many other countries rich in language and culture.  Many students go to Spain because it seems that it is what you are supposed to do, but don’t be afraid to branch out and explore Central or South America.  Choose a country and a study abroad program that fits your individual wants and needs.


Thank you, Ms. Gill!