Major Monday – Greek

Happy Columbus Day!  I hope you are all enjoying your nice long weekend.

This week’s Major Monday comes courtesy of Dr. Haley, the chair of our World Languages Department.  Dr. Haley teaches all levels of Latin, as well as a Freshman Seminar class.  Here she tells us how she came to be a Greek major.

What was your college major and where did you go to college?  Unexpectedly, I majored in Greek when I went to Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Baylor University by Einahpets32 (Stephanie), on Flickr
                                  BAYLOR UNIVERSITY


So it doesn’t sound like Greek was your original major!  What was your original major, and why did you switch?  My original major was the ever-popular Undecided.

What made you choose to study Greek?  When I was choosing my college, I went to visit my best friend’s cousin, who was at the time a student at Baylor. He told me that the best course he had taken at Baylor was ancient Greek so I decided to try it, and I loved the way that stubborn words melted into  beautiful or challenging patterns and ideas as I became more skilled.
What were your favorite classes at Baylor?  In addition to Greek and Latin, I especially enjoyed my religion classes, art history and back packing.
What advice do you have for students who are looking to study Greek or the Classics?  Take Latin at LC! Don’t be discouraged by anyone who wonders how you will find a job. I have had jobs teaching Greek or Latin my whole adult life because not so many people know these languages. In addition, a study of the classics prepares you for any job that involves careful reading, skilled writing, knowledge of human foibles, and good judgment. Plus you’ll be the life of the toga party!


Thank you, Dr. Haley!



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