Major Monday – Sociology

This week’s Major Monday post comes courtesy of Ms. Casey, Lowell Catholic’s Director of Campus Ministry.  Ms. Casey’s passion for her job is evident.   You see it in her planning of our Masses and retreats, in her enthusiasm for providing CSL opportunities, and in the ways she gets us to think about social issues. And we all love her bulletin boards!

bulletin board

Here Ms. Casey shares with us what led her to her career.

1) What was your college major and where did you go to school?
As an undergraduate at Stonehill College I majored in Sociology, and minored in Health Care Administration.  I later attended Boston College and received a master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry, with a concentration in Youth Ministry.

2)  Was that your original major?   If not, what was your original major and why did you decide to switch?
No, this was not my original major.  I began my college career at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as an architecture major.  I quickly realized that I was not suited to either architecture or Rensselaer, and decided to transfer at the end of my freshman year.  I began my sophomore year at Stonehill College, where I decided to pursue a Health Care Administration major. However,  at the end of my sophomore year I went on a service trip in Boston, where I realized that I had a deep desire to pursue social work.  Stonehill did not offer a social work program, but did offer a social work oriented track through the Sociology Department.
After a brief stint in the social work field I decided to return to school to pursue ministry.

3)  What made you choose your major?
I chose sociology as my major because, as previously mentioned, it was the closest thing to social work that Stonehill offered.  However, I also knew when I selected it that it would be a good foundation for anything I decided to do in the future, as most of my classes were focused on human relationships and social dynamics.  I knew that even if I did not end up pursuing a career in social work I would be in some sort of people-oriented field, and that this major would serve useful in many ways.

4)  What were your favorite college classes?
As an undergraduate my favorite course was “Human Resources.”  I learned so much from this one course!  Not only did I receive an introduction to the non-profit world, but I was also given tools to engage people in meaningful conversation, particularly when they were going through difficult times.  I have since used the skills learned in this class time and time again, in many different jobs!

5)  What advice would you give to students looking to study your major?
Do not let statistics or research methods courses scare you!  Both of these courses were extremely difficult for me, but were also the most rewarding when all was said and done.  I would also suggest taking an Intro to Sociology course if you are intrigued by the subject of sociology.  Sociology is a subject many of us are not exposed to until college, and an intro course offers a great summary of what the major will entail.  Many liberal arts schools even require you to take an Intro to Sociology course- don’t pass up the opportunity!
Stonehill College, Ms. Casey's alma mater

Stonehill College, Ms. Casey’s alma mater

Thanks for sharing, Ms. Casey!

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