College Interview Tips!

If you are applying to a college that offers or requires interviews, here are some tips to make the most of the opportunity.

  • Arrive early.  Give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview, especially if you have never been to the college before.  Arriving early gives the impression that you take the interview seriously and you respect the admission counselor’s time.
  • Dress professionally.  Something similar to your formal school uniform is appropriate.
  • Be prepared.  Before the interview, spend some time really thinking about why you want to go to this college.  Are there specific programs you are interested in?  Go on the college’s website and see what you can find–being able to talk about details is key.
  • Ask questions.  Interviews are not only meant to help the admissions team learn more about you, but to help you learn more about the school as well.  Come to the interview with questions ready to go and also ask questions based on what the interviewer has said.
  • Bring a resume.  We require you to complete your resume in Naviance; this is the perfect time to use it!  Print it out and bring a copy with you to give to the interviewer.  It is also a good idea to bring a copy of your transcript.  Stop by Guidance beforehand and we’d be happy to print one for you.  Be ready to talk about your resume and transcript as well.
  • Practice.  If you are nervous or you are not sure what types of questions an interviewer will ask, see your guidance counselor and we can help.  Though there isn’t a set list of questions that every college asks in an interview, there are general topics that are likely to be covered and we are happy to help you with that.
  • Be yourself.  Colleges are interviewing you to find out more about who you are–your interests, your experiences, what you will bring to their campus, etc.  So, though its important to be professional and prepared, it is also important to be yourself.  This is your opportunity to show them who you are outside of your transcript and list of activities–take advantage!

Best of luck on your college interviews and remember, Guidance is here to help!



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