Lunch with Alumni 2014

lunch 1

On December 18, 2014, the Guidance Department hosted our second annual Lunch with Alumni!  This event was designed to give seniors access to LC alumni who are current college students or recent college graduates to hear about what college is really like and ease any concerns they may have.

The event began with a presentation by Stephen DiGiovanni, an LC alumnus who is currently the Police Chief of Security at Quinsigamond Community College.  He spoke about campus safety, statistics regarding drugs and alcohol, as well as his own experiences as a college student and a police officer.

Then, our eight alumni, Cathryn DeMarco, Aria Rich, Samantha O’Neil, Eric Hassey, Stephen Janeczko, Amy Bui, Dan Hyde, and Jake Barnacle, joined the seniors for a pizza lunch.  Once they were finished, we called them to the front of the group for a panel discussion.  Guidance spoke with senior English classes in the weeks leading up to the event to find out what topics students were particularly interested in hearing about.  Living with roommates, college classes, deciding on the right college and major, and time management, were amongst the issues discussed.

lunch 2

We then opened it up for seniors to ask questions.  This allowed senior Brian Peterson the unique opportunity to ask Eric Hassey what the transition was like moving to Iowa.  Brian was recently accepted to Graceland University in Iowa and is considering it, whereas Eric attended graduate school in Iowa and has since moved back.  In addition, senior Stephen Zubricki asked about the importance of reputation of your undergraduate institution as compared to your graduate institution.

Overall, our seniors were impressively engaged and the alumni provided unique insights.  For example, two different alumnae (Cathryn DeMarco and Aria Rich) advised students not to pick their roommates based on Facebook and a few others (Stephen Janeczko and Samantha O’Neil) recommended that students reach out to their roommates over the summer so that they do not overlap with the things they are bringing to the dorm room.  Cathryn offered another great suggestion–take a picture or a screenshot of your school’s campus map, that way you can use it when you’re walking around and just look like you’re texting!

Guidance wants to thank the alumni for taking the time to give back to LC and help our seniors get ready for college!  We look forward to hosting next year’s event.  Any current seniors interested in coming back for this next year, keep your eye out for a Facebook post next fall asking for volunteers!


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