Major Monday – Math

Welcome back!  We hope you’ve all had a nice, restful vacation week!  We return to school by talking with Ms. Dailey for this week’s Major Monday post.  Ms. Dailey is a math teacher at LC.  This semester she’s teaching Honors Pre-Calculus and Honors and CP Algebra II/Trig.  She took some time away from these fun classes to tell us about her college days!

1)  What was your college major and where did you go to school?

I went to college at MCLA and was a math major and in the educator licensure program.

2)  Was math your original major, or did you switch from something else?

Yes, I was a math major from the beginning.

3)  What made you choose your major?

I knew I wanted to be a teacher of some sort and math was always something that interested me and made sense to me.

4)  What were your favorite classes in college?

I really enjoyed Number Theory, Physics, and the history classes I took, but my favorite part was student teaching.

5)  What advice do you have for students looking to major in math?

Stick with it.  If being a math major is something you really want to do, you have to stick with it.  It gets hard at times and there are definitely classes that you’ll struggle through, but when you finish and you can say “yeah I was a math major in college” it is a pretty awesome accomplishment!


Thank you, Ms. Dailey!  We agree – it is an awesome accomplishment!


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