Get Ready, Juniors!

Last week, the guidance department held it’s annual Junior College Information Session for juniors and their parents.  The school counselors use this time to provide a timeline to juniors about what they should be thinking about or doing now and through the summer.  It also includes what to expect and the responsibilities as a senior throughout the college application process.

So, what is it that they should be doing right now?

  1. Determine if they want to take the SAT or ACT and sign up for a spring date.  For more information and to sign up, students should visit and
  2. Be aware of college admission requirements, specifically if SAT II’s are required.
  3. Begin planning college visits.  April vacation is a great time to get on campus and experience the atmosphere!
  4. Complete the transcript release form and turn it in to guidance.  This allows us to submit transcripts to colleges.
  5. Begin to think about letters of recommendation.  Two teachers are required.  When deciding who to ask, think about interests or desired major.  If a student wants to go into engineering or business, a math teacher should write one of the letters.
  6. Start to think about that essay.  Check out the prompts on the Common Application to get some ideas of the direction the essay should go.

How about that college list?  We spoke about how to find a good range of schools – reach, target and safety.  Also, choosing the right schools to apply to is a question the counselors get asked a lot.  Juniors, don’t forget to sign up for College Planning 101: Building Your College List on March 18th if this is something you have concerns about or want to learn more!

The goal of an event such as this is to provide information in a way that is not overwhelming.  This little summary simplifies it even more, explaining how juniors can get started on the application process!

Juniors, if you have any questions at all, please come see us!  We know this whole process can seem scary, and we want to help alleviate some of those feelings!



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