50 States, 50 Colleges: Maryland

College in the spotlight: Washington College

Location: Chestertown, Maryland – Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Baltimore are all within driving distance!

Casey Academic Center

Casey Academic Center

Washington College is in an ideal location.  Major cities are about a 90 minute drive, so students can experience city life whenever they want.  Also, the school lies on the Chester River, which offers opportunities to students in more ways than one!  The waterfront allows for research in numerous areas, such as history and environmental studies.  It also provides recreational opportunities for both the club and varsity programs, such as rowing, kayaking, and wakeboarding.  Concerts and festivals hosted by Washington College are held on the waterfront as well.

View of the waterfront

View of the waterfront

If you are a history buff, you may want to visit.  It was established as the Revolutionary War was coming to an end and was the first college of the independent United States.  George Washington served on the Board of Visitors and Governors and provided the school with the funds to purchase science equipment.  Chestertown is an American colonial town, so students live in an 18th century historical atmosphere of buildings and brick walkways.  Washington College keeps the history alive by integrating it in the academics and through events on campus, such as the Birthday Ball, which is an event to celebrate George Washington’s birthday.

Bronze George Washington Statue

Bronze George Washington Statue

Washington College has a lot to offer its students!  There are over 40 majors to choose from and the teacher to student ratio is 12:1.  If you prefer a small school (about 1,400 undergraduate students) where teachers are going to know you by your first name, this place may be the perfect fit.

A fun fact – Don Steele, who graduated from Washington College in 1991, is the Senior Vice President for Fan Engagement and Multi-Platform Marketing at Comedy Central.  He recently returned to campus to speak to students about the details of his career.

A fun video – Click here to watch a music video created by students of Washington College.  It highlights the beautiful campus and all that the school has to offer!

For more information about Washington College, click here!

“Knowledge is, in every country, the surest basis of public happiness.” – George Washington


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