Major Monday: History

History is the feature once again for Major Monday this week.  We hear from Mr. Tucker, who is the Social Studies Department Coordinator.

1. What did you major in in college?  Where did you go to college?

I majored in history at Lowell State College, one of the predecessor schools for UMass Lowell.

Coburn Hall The original Lowell State College

Coburn Hall
The original Lowell State College

2. Is this major your original major?  If not, what was your original major?  Why did you decide to change?

History was my original major.

3. What made you choose this major?

I was not well-informed about college work while in high school.  I had some sense that I would become a lawyer and thought history would provide some preparation for that field.

During law school, Mr. Tucker realized that being a lawyer was not the right fit for him.  He eventually returned to school where he earned a Master’s Degree in History and became a teacher.

4. What classes/topics did you enjoy studying the most while in college?

The classes that I enjoyed and, I think, benefited most from were in philosophy, something I knew nothing about before entering college.  Serendipity can be an important part of a college experience.

5. What advice do you have for students looking to study your major?

Develop a strong habit of close, thoughtful reading, a habit that includes regular writing about what one reads.

To read more about history as a major, check out this blog post!


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