50 States, 50 Colleges – Wyoming

We’re moving just a little bit west from our last 50 States, 50 Colleges destination to Wyoming!

College in the Spotlight:  University of Wyoming

Old Main at University of Wyoming

Location:  Laramie, WY (2 hours north of Denver)

Enrollment:  13,929 students (10,209 of which are undergrads)

Fast Facts

What do you think of when you think of Wyoming?  As I’ve never visited the state my ideas are probably pretty stereotypical, but one of the things I didn’t think of was diversity.  As I learned more about the University of Wyoming (UW), I was surprised to learn that they have a very large international population of over 800 students, professors, and community members.   All 50 states and 94 countries are represented within the student body.  With such a diverse student body, UW emphasizes global citizenship – meaning study abroad is big.  The university has the largest single scholarship endowment for study abroad in the U.S.  Many students who participate in the program are given scholarships to help defray travel costs.

Like many of the schools we’ve profiled, part of what makes the University of Wyoming special is it’s location.  Academically, the Wyoming landscape provides amazing opportunities for students studying agriculture, geology, archeology, botany, geography, zoology, and forestry.  There’s no shortage of outdoor activities for students looking to go on an adventure (Outdoor Magazine named UW one of the top outdoor adventure colleges in the U.S.).  There are clubs catering to all kinds of interests, including 3 riding teams:  an equestrian team, a ranch horse team, and a rodeo team.

UW competes at the NCAA Division 1 level.  The Cowboys and Cowgirls compete in the Mountain West Conference.  The school also offers 45 intramural teams and 19 club sports.  One of those club sports teams, Nordic Skiing, is a powerhouse in the competitive skiing world.  Both mens’ and womens’ teams have won national championships over the years.

Even for non-residents, the University of Wyoming is a great value.   The grand total for tuition, room and board for out of state students comes to $24,630 per year.  All undergraduate applicants are also automatically considered for scholarships.  Even factoring in the cost of travel, you may spend less money on a UW education than you would staying closer to home!

For more information, visit http://www.uwyo.edu




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