50 States, 50 Colleges: New York

There are A LOT of colleges in New York!  Choosing only one to write about wasn’t easy, but as I looked through the list a few jumped out.  When we write these posts, we like to look for things that make a school unique and interesting.  Paul Smith’s College definitely fits that description!

College in the Spotlight:  Paul Smith’s College

Paul Smiths College - Library

Location:  Paul Smiths, NY (an approximate 5-hour drive from Lowell)

Enrollment:  1,000 undergrads

Fast Facts

Paul Smith’s promises a different kind of college experience.  Also known as the College of the Adirondacks, the school is nestled inside the 6-million acre Adirondack Park.  As we’ve seen with many other of our spotlighted colleges, Paul Smith’s surroundings define what the school is all about.  Students earn degrees by getting their hands dirty; one of the school’s core beliefs is that you learn by doing.  Forestry majors help manage thousands of acres of trees, biology and environmental studies majors have a living lab at their fingertips, and hospitality students work in two student-run restaurants on campus.

Paul Smith’s College also offers culinary degrees.  The food at the St. Regis Café (named after the lake that the college is situated on) and The Palm (as in the famous Palm Restaurant) is prepared by the school’s culinary arts students.  Baking and Pastry Art students have the opportunity to run the campus bakery.

What kind of student attends Paul Smith’s?  The Student Life section of the website describes its students as diverse:  “we are avid hunters and fishers, foodies, mushroom foragers, snowboarders, environmental activists, beekeepers, gamers, and competitive cake decorators.”  The clubs and activities that the school sponsors reflects that wide range of interests.  There is the typical ski club and art club, but you’ll also find a birding club, the surveying and mapping club, and a baking club.  Athletic teams include marathon canoeing, Nordic skiing, and a “Woodsmen” team.  What is a Woodsmen?  Woodsmen (a co-ed team) compete in lumberjack competitions!  They throw axes, split wood, do sawing, log rolling, pole climbing, and fire building.

In order to really know if a college is right for you, you need to visit!  The Admissions Office at Paul Smith’s suggests the same – and advises prospective students to bring their hiking boots : )


Want to learn more about Paul Smith’s College?  Visit their website at http://www.paulsmiths.edu