2016’s College Planning 101

2016 marks year 3 the guidance department will be hosting the series College Planning 101 to juniors.  To recap, College Planning 101 is a monthly after-school seminar with a specific theme geared towards college planning.  Juniors can choose which one they would like to attend based on the topic’s relevance.  We began these workshops because it gives the opportunity for students to express concerns or ask questions that they may not ask at another time and to also realize that they are not alone in this process.  They have the same worries or anxieties as the rest of their peers.


The first College Planning 101 seminar will be held on Tuesday, February 9th (2:30 in the media center).  This particular one will be an open discussion format.  It is a great way for students to ask general questions, talk about any concerns, and for guidance to get a sense of where they are in the college process.

March’s College Planning 101 seminar is going to focus on standardized testing.  The SAT and ACT will be explained and will include topics such as the content of the tests, the differences between the two, how to register, and how to send scores.


For April, we hope to have a panel of seniors available to answer any questions juniors have about the college application/planning process.  What better way to get advice than from those who just experienced it!

In May, we will be looking at the Common Application.  In prior years, if a student created an account before August of his or her senior year, the Common App would delete it.  That has changed, allowing juniors to create accounts early that can roll over into senior year.  This seminar will be an opportunity for students to create an account and start filling out information.  We will be available to answer any questions they have about it.

common app pic

We hope the juniors take advantage and join us each month!  To sign up for the one in February, click here!  And stay tuned for the March, April, and May dates!

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