Careers in Healthcare

When it comes to choosing a college, major, or career, it is always encouraged that students get some form of hands on experience or observation time.  For the past couple of years, Lowell Catholic has taken advantage of an opportunity that allows students interested in a career in healthcare to do this.

Lowell General Hospital runs a program called Careers in Healthcare.  Once a month, students are given a tour of various areas/departments of the hospital.  Just last month, 7 young ladies from the junior class got to explore the operating room, emergency room, maternity and labor & delivery, radiology, and the cardio vascular center.


Hands-on learning in the emergency room!

The tour guide, who is a nurse in the emergency room, gave the students the inside scoop on what one can expect working in a hospital.  This included everything, such as schedules, what a typical day could be like, safety, and security.


Participants listening to the guide provide information about what it’s like to work in a hospital.

One participant stated, “My favorite part of the LGH trip was visiting the Labor and Delivery Unit. It helped me to understand a little more about how genetics would possibly come in to play in certain situations. That part of the trip was my favorite because we also got to see cute babies.”  Also, “The people were very informative and it was a very hands-on experience. We got to experience a real life OR before a surgery which was very interesting.”


Ready for the operating room!

The day spent at Lowell General Hospital gave the students  some insight on a future career in healthcare.  At the end of the day, the hope was that they got hands-on experience, learned about fields they didn’t know much about, and got a better idea of what they would like for a future career…and I think they did!