Senior College Challenge Happening Now!

Seniors, are you feeling the pressure of the college application process? It can be a stressful time, but it is also exciting! Guidance wants to draw your attention back to all the excitement applying to college brings and what better way than to win college prizes!  

It is simple to participate and Guidance is ready to start giving away its College Prize Stash.


Prize Winners from Spring ’16 College Week

Interested? Visit your Guidance Counselor and ask for a Green Graduation Cap to start earning points.

10 points will grant you a pick of our College Prizes and here are some of the ways to play:

  • Attend a college rep visit here at LC
  • Attend a college tour
  • Mention us on Twitter (@LCGuidance1) – get creative! Post a picture of yourself on a college tour, tweet about working on applications, tweet advice to underclassmen 
  • “Like” our page on Facebook (LCHS Guidance Department) and share one of our posts
  • Complete a scholarship application
  • Attend Financial Aid Night on 10/27 at 6:30pm

Keep up the hard work Seniors and remember:



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