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So much of what we write on this blog focuses on college.  Future planning is a big part of our jobs, but it’s certainly not the only thing we do.  High school isn’t all about just focusing on the next step.  You may or may not love it; either way, it shapes who you are as a person.  We thought it would be fun to ask our faculty to look back on their high school days.  Not everyone jumped at that opportunity, so we thought we’d get the ball rolling by sharing some of our memories!  And pictures!

Mrs. Albanese


High School:  Peabody Veterans Memorial High School (Peabody, MA)

Favorite subject:  One of my favorite classes in was an Intro. to Civics class.  It was one of the first classes I took that required me to reflect upon and define my personal values and beliefs.  The class was largely discussion based and student driven, which was a new experience for me, especially when my peers held differing beliefs.

Least favorite subject:  Math was always a challenge for me stemming from middle school.  I remember being a “regular” at math extra help sessions and worrying about the math portion of the SAT.  I thought that I was terrible at anything math related, but was pleasantly surprised when I performed well in Statistics in college.

High school memory:  When it was time to fill out college applications, there was no “Common Application” or any online options for that matter.  I had to fill out every application separately and solely paper based.  I remember having my white out close by in case I made a mistake and was nervous that my handwriting would look sloppy and smudged (a woe only a “lefty” can understand).


Mrs. Ducharme


High School:  Dracut High School (Dracut, MA)

Fun Facts:  I was captain of the swim team my senior year!  I did freestyle and butterfly

Also – LC’s band director Mr. Grande was my elementary school music teacher.  He was at Dracut High when I was there, too

What were you like in high school?  I was very shy and had no self-confidence.  I had my small group of friends and it was difficult for me to venture out to meet other students (other than the swim team).  Because of this, I don’t know who a lot of the other students are that I graduated with.  Also, I think being shy prevented me from wanting to live away for college.  I didn’t take the time to visit college campuses or learn about all of the wonderful opportunities there were for me.  I commuted to UMASS Lowell and while it gave me a great foundation for my career, I wish I had the experience of living in a dorm.

 What advice would you give to your high school self?  There is nothing to worry about!  Everything always works out in the end.  And what other people think is not important in the long run.


Mrs. Langan

ll-high-schoolHigh School:  Scranton High School (Scranton, PA)

Extra-curriculars:  Tennis team, Yearbook, Drama Club, French Club.   I also worked at an ice cream shop, which was the best job ever!

What were you like in high school?  I was super shy in class.  There were teachers who probably never even learned my name since I was so quiet!  That said, I had this crazy, loud group of friends.  I learned that you can be friends with people who are different from you while still being yourself!

High school memory:  My school was way too small for the amount of students who attended.  My class was the last to graduate before a brand new school opened, which seems like a bummer but really wasn’t. Because our cafeteria was too small, we got to go out for lunch everyday.  My high school was on the edge of the downtown area so there were plenty of places we could walk to and eat.  Everyone was always late for their class after lunch, though!  Once we started driving it got even worse.  I remember being about 15 minutes late for French one day because a truck double-parked in front of my car…


Up next, we have Ms. MacNeil sharing a memory from her high school days.  We hope you like this new feature – let us know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Looking Back – LC Guidance Department

  1. Great article!  It’s always nice to know more about the people that are influencing our children and their future. It would be nice to have a profile like this for the new teachers and staff that come to LC each year. Especially since the “Faculty and Staff” section of the LC website has been removed. Regards,   Paul Santangelo

    • Thanks, Mr. Santangelo! Glad you enjoyed reading it – there will be more in the future! As for the website, we’re going through a re-design. The faculty and staff page will be back soon!

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