Looking Back – Ms. Falardeau

LCHS’s art teacher, Ms. Falardeau, shares her high school memories and experiences with us this week!


Ms. Falardeau and her mom before the prom!

Ms. Falardeau and her mom before the prom!

High School: Chelmsford High School (Chelmsford, MA)
Extra-curriculars: Dance – tap, jazz, lyrical, competition, performance. Singing lessons. I also worked at Mrs. Nelson’s Candy House


What were you like in high school? I was quiet, but not shy and I floated between a few friend groups. Academics came really easily to me because I have such a good visual memory, subsequently I didn’t try very hard. I was most drawn to art (pun intended), because it challenged my brain on a more conceptual level than most other classes did.


High School Memory: I had been looking at colleges in Massachusetts (MassArt, Endicott), and I got home after a tour and my brother asked if I liked it and I said it was okay, then he asked me a question that would change my college search immediately, “Do you want to walk to school in the snow?” Without hesitation I responded, “No.” That is when I started looking south and found Savannah College of Art and Design. I was fortunate enough to be able to fly down to tour the school and fell in love before I even left the airport. The deal was sealed and it was actually the ONLY college I applied to (which I don’t recommend to anyone, as it is too stressful to wait for their response).


Thank you Ms. Falardeau!

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