College Rep Visits

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One of the big things the guidance department stresses to students as they prepare to apply to colleges is to visit a college campus, meet with an admissions representative, and ask questions!  Admissions representatives love to meet potential students and answer questions about the school.  And the more contact you have with them, the more interest you are showing in a school, which can only work in your favor!

LC offers an easy way to meet with an admissions representative, which is to sign up for a visit right here at the school!  Every fall, representatives travel to high schools to meet with students in small groups.  This is a great way for students to ask any questions they may have about a school.  A question can be about a study abroad program, internships, or even how the food is!

Right now there are just over 20 colleges signed up to come visit LC.  Seniors are allowed 3 visits to miss a class with teacher permission.  Study and lunch do not count towards the 3 visits.  Juniors are allowed to attend visits as well, and are allowed 2 missed classes.  We encourage you to look at the College Visit list on Naviance and sign up to learn more about a school you are interested in or maybe get information about a school that you have never heard of!


New! College Search Form

One question the counselors get asked frequently is, “Can you recommend good schools for me to apply to?”  We always want to help with this, but coming up with an answer isn’t that easy.  Each student’s college search is unique and we have so many questions we need to ask before we can research schools.  To make the process a bit easier this year, the College Search Form was created and sent out to all of the seniors.  If coming up with a list of schools is a struggle, a student can fill out this form and share it with his or her guidance counselor.  With the frequent events, fairs, and meetings with admission representatives, counselors may have a little more insight on schools that a student is not picking up on.  That along with the answers on the form will allow us to introduce a few more schools.

The College Search Form is broken down into categories.  Asking questions related to geography, academic interest, and co-curricular activities can assist in finding schools that are worth researching further.  If a student is completely lost and doesn’t know where to begin, this form may help with that is well and steer the search in the right direction.  We hope that our seniors don’t hesitate to take advantage of this new, helpful tool!

And although it’s the seniors who are sending out applications now, this form can be helpful for a student in any grade!  It’s the perfect way to get some ideas and think about what you would want in a college so please don’t hesitate to take advantage!

College Search Form